Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mad Anthony Cyclocross - Oct 17, 2009

Get ready to mix history and racing with the Mad Anthony Cyclocross race at historic Fort Wayne in SE Detroit. The fort was built in 1845 and is a treasure trove of history. Come check it out and afterward enjoy a great post-race meal at Los Galanes restaurant in Mexican town.

This is truly a race experience you CANNOT MISS!!!!!

More about the fort:

In 1840, at the point on the Detroit River closest to British Canada, the United States Army began surveying local farms for the placement of new artillery post. A five point star fort was slated to have the most up to date cannon capable of firing on the Canadian shore as well as ships sailing the river.

This new fort was Detroit’s third, the first built by the Americans. In 1701, shortly after Cadillac landed, the French began building Fort Detroit, which was surrendered to the British in 1760 during the French and Indian War. The British built a new fort several years later and name it Fort Lernoult, which they occupied until 1796 when the United States took over Detroit and renamed the battlement Fort Shelby.

Following the War of 1812, Fort Shelby fell into disrepair while the threat of a territorial war still loomed with British Canada. As tensions increased along the Northern border defense that includes new forts from the east coast to the Minnesota Territory. The Detroit fort would be named for General Anthony Wayne whose defeat of the British at the Fallen Timbers in 1796 resulted in the United States occupation of the Northwest Territories.

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  1. My buddies and I are stoked for this race! Can't wait ride through the fort.